Sandra Steen

Sandra Steen

Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach

Inspiration and motivation at its best! Sandra Steen speaks a purpose driven message that provides a rare blend of incredible enthusiasm and life-changing information. She creates an atmosphere for personal breakthrough and change. Get ready to be the you that you were created to be; and to experience abundant and JOYous living. Sandra Steen’s inspirational presentations have placed her as one of the highest rated speakers in the country today. As the author of the book, "Who Stole My Joy? Uncover the Joy Robbers of your Present Circumstance and Discover the Joy Builders of Your Best Life" -- Sandra Steen helps you to uncover the joy builders of your best life. Ms Steen speaks to an audience where change is not only inspired; but inhabited for a lifetime!

Sandra Steen is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with over 20 years of corporate experience, and considered a communications expert within the corporate world. As a noted author and world-renowned inspirational and motivational speaker, Sandra Steen travels the world assisting companies and organizations in increasing communication effectiveness, building strong teams and increasing and promoting company morale.

Ms. Steen has traveled internationally with a Fortune 500 corporate audience that has ranged from Sony, Disney, Wal-Mart, AT&T, JC Penney, Sea World of Texas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The San Antonio Spurs, Procter & Gamble, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and many others. With a growing list of attendees, Ms. Steen has spoken to over 500,000 people declaring a message of defined purpose and higher living and business excellence.

Ms. Steen has received various accolades and awards for outstanding contributions in corporate America including the Small Business Award, the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, the Woman to Watch Award, San Antonio Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Rising Star Award,” the Women of Enterprise Award, the San Antonio Black Achievement Award and the 2000 International Firm of the Year award. She has been featured numerous times in magazines and newspapers such as, the San Antonio Business Journal, the Australian Direct Marketing Association Newsletter, and the Gazeta Mercantil of Brazil, USA Today and The San Antonio Express News.

Ms. Steen acknowledges that we are tri-part beings, made up of mind, body and spirit. Joy Incorporated, Ms. Steen's organization, operates with these three pillars in mind whether coaching corporately or individually.

Speaker's Topics

  • Committing to a Life of JOY
  • The JOY Robbers 
  • The P.O.W.E.R. of a Dreamer
  • Championship Living
  • The Corporate Leader as Coach
  • Coaching Your Disc Personality
  • Coaching Middle Managers
  • Coaching the Crowd-Teambuilding
  • Coaching and Diversity
  • Coaching for Increased Sales
  • Coaching for Improved Customer Service
  • Coaching for Increased JOY
  • Coaching and Your Emotional IQ    

Speaker's Audience

Women's Organizations
Small Business
Professional/Civic Organizations
Men's Organizations


“Sandra Steen is a brilliant communicator who brings a relevant message that empowers you to new levels of excellence.  Her excitement and energy will capture you like a breath of fresh air.  Listen, learn, and experience the impact of Sandra Steen." -- World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Les Brown

"We just want to thank you and your staff for an exciting and enthusiastic training session. The information was valuable and offered real world application. Thank you for taking time to understand our culture and adapting to our environment and our team." -- Assistant Director, Proctor & Gamble