Dr. Craig Brown

Dr. Craig Brown

Sr. Partner & CEO

Dr. Craig Brown’s passion-infused enthusiasm makes technology understandable, approachable and non-intimidating. His approach of using less tech-speak and more people-first language is what has helped him throughout his two and a half decades within the industry and engages audiences at his presentations. 

Brown’s life was forever changed following his battle with cancer. The fragility of life not only moved him to take up marathon running, but inspired him to share his wealth of knowledge. His ability to connect with people on an extremely human level removes the fear of technology from the novice and holds the interest of the advanced techie.

With the ever-improving world of technology changing at lightning speed, Brown knows that ongoing education is key. He focuses on absorbing as much information as possible so he can remain at the forefront of changing technology, keeping up with the technical Joneses and, in turn, empowering people with knowledge. Brown holds a BS in Computer Science as well as a Master's in Business and a Doctorate in Management Information Systems, and harnesses more than 20 certifications in technology.

His credentials and experience have propelled his career as a leading expert in the IT arena, as an “Angel Fund” supporter, and as a trusted leader of a national network of tech industry professionals. At present Dr. Brown serves as the Sr. Partner and CEO of STEM Resource Partners, an IT Solution Provider and Consulting Business.  In addition, he serves as the Incoming National President for the non-profit organization (BDPA).  He also serves on the Board of the Barbara Jordan Endeavors  non-profit organization as the Sr. Vice President, as well as Board of Directors Chairman for the non-profit Carters Kids Foundation.

Speaker's Topics

  • Sustaining Life and Body During Chemotherapy
  • Big Data and Cloud Based Technologies
  • Utilizing Technology in Small Business More Effectively
  • Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Effective use of Social Media and the Technology Behind It
  • STEM for Empowerment

Speaker's Audience

Women's Organizations
Small Business
Professional/Civic Organizations
Men's Organizations


"Craig is a remarkable and positive person, IT pro and pancreatic cancer survivor.  He is incredibly motivational. I'd recommend him for any audience." -- Conference-goer