Loretta Williams Gurnell

Loretta Williams Gurnell

The Voice of Inspiration

Loretta Williams Gurnell has a powerful voice that inspires those who hear her. Whether it is through her singing, acting or speaking, this soul-stirring psalmist’s refreshing sound and heart-wrenching style soothes the soul while invigorating audiences with her engaging stage presence.

Gurnell is a lover of love, life and the gift of sharing herself through her voice!  Her debut CD, It’s a New Day receives airplay across the country and Loretta is currently working on her sophomore CD project entitled, Let’s Ride, releasing soon with a sound that’s infectious with jazz, contemporary, and soul vibes revealing God’s love through faith, forgiveness, marriage, love, worship & praise. 

She has received several awards, honors and recognitions for infecting those she meets with inspiration, empowerment and encouragement to live with purpose.  Gurnell was selected for the inaugural edition of Who's Who in Black Houston as an outstanding entrepreneur, named 2008 Texas Gospel Announcers Guild’s Artist of the Year, 2009 National Women of Achievement Houston Stars and 2011 Bible Way Fellowship Baptist Church's Inaugural Living Legacy in the Arts.

Gurnell is real, real about her God, her family, love and the work He’s assigned her to fulfill!  Widely known as, #SuperLady, Loretta’s aim is to “let the work I do speak for me and the life I live speak for Him.”   

Speaker's Topics

Book Loretta as a psalmist, speaker or both.

  • Maintain Balance or Simply Prioritize! Loretta shares some of her life lessons, setbacks and successes on her role as a woman, wife, mother, educator, entrepreneur and entertainer
  • SuperLady LIFESTYLE = Difference between a Female, Woman or Lady! Class or Jazz, Mystery or Mistress, Respected or Tolerated, Poised or Power!
  • Surviving the Music Industry. So you want to record, write, produce and arrange? What’s your plan?
  • Your Brand. Your Future. Who are you and what are putting out in the atmosphere about you?

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Women's Organizations
Small Business
Professional/Civic Organizations


"Loretta Williams Gurnell gave a truly awesome inspiring message tonight at our graduation! I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a keynote speaker. And man she can sing too!" --Sanford-Brown College Faculty

"I must say Loretta was the perfect match to our conference. Our goal is to make sure we have a close intimate experience so that everyone can be themselves. Loretta was directly in tuned with the spirit of our conference. Her music fed the minds, bodies, and souls of our attendees. She became a part of us as she “did Loretta.” Thank you for the experience."  --Association Director National Association of African Americans in Human Resources