Kim Sawyer

Kim Sawyer

National Speaker & theWealthSourceâ„¢

With over 20 years of experience in professional and business effectiveness, leadership and entrepreneurship, Kim Sawyer delivers powerful keynote presentations designed to help executives, managers and entrepreneurs tap into their true source of wealth. No matter how large the audience, people who hear Kim speak often say they felt like they were having a one-on-one coaching session with him.

Drawing on his success as an executive coach, he teaches individuals and teams to increase profit, win promotions, align individual and company values and strategy, and accelerate the ramp-up to peak performance.

Kim holds a BBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and an MS in Organizational Development and Change Management from the University of Texas. He has been published and interviewed in the Houston Chronicle and other news publications, appeared on CNN Business Radio and speaks frequently to professional and industry organizations across the country.

People who hear Kim speak:

•  Are challenged to view themselves and their lives from a new perspective.

•  Open up to possibilities that are not available in their current paradigm.

•  Walk away able to achieve results that had been beyond their reach.

•  Move beyond merely solving problems to harnessing them to create extraordinary new possibilities

•  Discover how to show up and to do business in remarkable ways.

•  Come to claim and realize their True Source of Wealth (wealth is more than money!!)

•  Learn to see their whole life as a portfolio of assets and every choice as an investment decision.

•  Begin to view every aspect of life as a form of or means to create wealth.

•  Are equipped with proprietary tools to skillfully manage  their Life Portfolio.

•  Walk away wealthier.

Kim has presented before a number of leading organizations, including: Continental Airlines, JP Morgan Chase Bank, British Broadcasting Corporation, IBM; Chevron-Texaco, Trans-Ocean; AET Tankers, Spectra Energy, Winstead, Sechrest and Minick Law Firm, Rice University’s Jones School of Business, The City of Lake Jackson, Texas, The Council on Alcohol and Drugs – Houston, and numerous regional entrepreneurs.

Speaker's Topics

Wealth is More Than Money
Every choice in life is an investment decision, and every investment is about value. Wealth is accumulated value – in all forms. You are always choosing to spend your resources (time, money, love, energy, thought, etc) on one thing rather than others. Every “yes” speaks a thousand “no’s.” Gain true understanding of value and wealth so you can spend your resources on the most valuable things in your life.

The Delegation Dilemma
If you’re the last person to leave the office and your list of strategic, business building tasks are still incomplete, you may have a delegation challenge. Kim's presentation, "The Delegation Dilemma," will show you what it takes to delegate in a way that really works and rescues you from this value-killing trap.

The Alchemy of Success™

Failure – and how you respond to it – is the key to success. But turning breakdown into breakthrough is no easy task. It demands more than just having a positive attitude. The Alchemy of Success™ is a simple yet powerful process by which business people can capitalize on failure to reach the next level of their success.

Speaking the Unspeakable: How to Have Difficult Conversations
How many things go unsaid, and at what cost, because people shy away from the discomfort of confronting sensitive issues? Is confrontation necessarily conflict? Does it have to be painful? Discover a valuable communications process called Clearing, to resolve uncomfortable issues that need to be dealt with. Learn to use 5-Step Communication, a powerful tool to minimize discomfort and maximize success.

Leading By Attraction
How can you change and influence others by not trying to change and influence them? How can you powerfully impact the world without resorting to the generally accepted tools of power – authority, money, military strength, politics, technology or expertise? Explore a whole new paradigm of leadership. The answers are far simpler, yet far more challenging than you might think.

Speaker's Audience

Small Business
Professional/Civic Organizations
Men's Organizations


"I've heard Kim speak several times, and the content is exactly what you'd expect from a world-class business coach: It's deep, it's new, and it has the power to help you move to the next level."  -- Tim Johnson, President, Brandwave

"Kim is a 1st class coach, presenter, leader and individual. Kim excels in both large and small groups and for all levels of employees, especially at the management and executive level. He displays a high level of integrity, value and professionalism."  -- Gene Janiszewski, Managing Partner, Paradigm Group, Inc.