Kozhi  Makai

Kozhi Makai

Dr./PhD, Applied Management & Decision

Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai makes presentations that are fun, entertaining, interactive, and filled with immediately usable information. He doesn’t just make people feel great; he moves people into action. For more than 10 years, Dr. Makai has been inspiring, training, and encouraging participants to reach their full potential. 

The common thread in Dr. Makai’s presentations, training sessions, books, and articles is the spirit of excellence. His thoughtful, intellectual and intelligent assessment of the human condition have played a significant role in producing formidable results in organizations in a variety of industries from academia to technology. 

Dr. Makai has a background in psychology, speech communication, leadership, applied management, decision sciences, and organizational change. His professional experience spans four continents with work in academia, professional sports, philanthropy, and the for-profit business world. Winner of numerous awards, including for two of his publications, Dr. Makai is a true scholar-practitioner who works to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

He has made personal management and growth both a business niche and the basis upon which he lives his life. Dr. Makai developed meManagement™ and The SIGNIFICANT Life™, personal and professional philosophies that have allowed him to make the most of each day and accomplish great feats in his academic and professional careers. The juggling act he lives every day and his diverse education are testimony to his expertise in self-management and utilizing a myriad of skills and education to better yourself and others.

Speaker's Topics

  • Total Conversation (Interpersonal Communication Skills)
  • Refluence (Leadership Skills)
  • meManagement (Time Management Skills)

Speaker's Video

Speaker's Audience

Men's Organizations
Professional/Civic Organizations
Small Business
Women's Organizations


"…being in his class truly inspired me to believe that life really is beautiful; it just depends how one decides to live it." – workshop attendee

"Dr. Makai inspires people to raise the bar a lot higher than normal. He pushes for us to set our expectations a lot higher than what we believe they should be in society. He is a spectacular teacher because he uses different teaching methods. He captured my attention with the stories he told and will keep me wanting to know more." -- conference attendee